Ecclesiastes - Part 1 - The Introduction to the Qoheleth

God provides us through Ecclesiastes the blessing of having the wisest man who walked the streets of Jerusalem up until his time (and possibly the wisest man to have ever walked the streets of Jerusalem apart from Jesus Christ), to unveil or reveal his mind’s heart or his heart’s mind on the topic of life as a select child of God who, towards the end of his life, under the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, distilled and recorded his wisdom as Holy Scripture.

What wisdom, what knowledge, what understanding, what perspective does God want us to have and consider and we face the societal realities of life, and our own weaknesses and tendencies to sin? How do we get our hands around the fact that horrible sad things happened to God’s people?

These are some of the answer which the Qo-he-leth’s wisdom reveals.

Runtime: 70 min

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