Purpose for Mankind - Part 15 - Glorify God in Body and Spirit

Paul provides a fitting summary to this series, “therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.” 

We cannot use this world, this society, our school systems, our college values, our friends, our family members who do not know God as the barometer or guide or measure of what we should or should not be doing, or how we should or should not be living, or what we consider right, wrong, or sin! If we do, sins of fault become sins of practice; sins of practice become sins of habit; sins of habit become sins of a lifestyle; sins of a lifestyle become sins of addiction; sins of addiction become sins of a life; and if not repented of, sins of a life become sins of eternal death. God provides the commandments. God provides those guidelines. God provides the rules which govern our body and spirit which are His!

Runtime: 77 min

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